Sunday, July 3, 2016

Weight Loss Journey: My Story.

Hi Tina here,
I’d like to share my story.  Two years ago I decided to start with SBC and try to lose weight. I was at least 210#  and needed to feel better about myself and lose some weight.  My job was one where I could be either fast pace or slow crawling. I was gaining weight on a fast pace and ballooned from 145# to over 210#. To tell you the truth I was scared.

 Then just entering into my 40’s I knew how metabolism slows down and anything possible that I ate would make me gain. A friend introduced me to SBC and my weight loss journey began.  At the time SBC only had two products and it was the Skinny Fiber and Ageless Anti-Aging Serum. So the Skinny Fiber was my choice.

My weight loss journey began.  Soon the products arrived and I started taking them : two capsules, twice a day half hour before my biggest meals. This included at least half my body weight in water on a daily basis(200#= 100 oz of water) It seemed the more water I drank  the better I felt.  My cravings for sugar and the desire to consume everything in sight went away. 

Something amazing happened, after about a few weeks of regular use of Skinny Fiber my pants started to become looser around the legs and waist. I was shocked so I went to the scale..  210# to 205#. I was impressed.  My total loss in weight was 60# in about 7-8 months.  I weighed in at a 150# give or take.
My increase was for fruits and vegetables and more baked fish and chicken.  My calorie intake was decreased because of the proprietary ingredients in Skinny Fiber.
I’m glad to be back with SBC.


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