Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Juice: Cure What Ails Ya

Juice:Cure What Ails Ya

Just a short post about juice and how it can help you cure
 some of the ailments presented by common aches and pain. 
This is just a helpful guide and not a concrete way to cure everything, 
but it is a natural way to help stabilize and thwart off the effects though. 
 Blend them up or cut them up either way the juice will help.
Surprisingly, carrots are used  a lot in this guide. 
Such as carrot,pineapple, ginger and garlic to beat a cold. 
Who would have thought?
Cure what ails ya!

Enjoy the guide!
I ll have more useful tips in my next blog.

Take care
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with SBC

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Results: Angie's Story

Angie's Story 

Angie says:
"Those of you that know me will recognize what I called my pill bag that I used to drag with my everywhere I went! So happy that I had to go dig it up in a box to take this picture!
I am now 39 but at 38 was given a year on my heart due to these drugs,
I was diagnosed with Severe chronic asthma, intractable migraines, High blood pressure, diabetes, tachycardia, gastroparesis, hiatal hernia, Cushing syndrome, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Fibromyalgia, Several bulging discs though out my back and my neck, a blown disc in my jaw, GERD, IBS, edema, eczema, arthritis, depression ,severe anxiety and chronic pain syndrome. I was on a total of 25 prescriptions a day and pretty much became bed bound as a shut in. I would muster up at times and get out.
I was just dying, not only physically but mentally and emotionally! These drugs include anxiety meds, depression meds! Its was a very dark place for me and for those who were around me! I am sharing this as for a long time I thought there was no hope for me! Dr. after Dr. up to 12 to be exact. I had lung surgery with complications, I had 2 more to go but when they found out about my heart they were cancelled. So desperately I need to find the cause and not just add another pill and another Dr. I was blessed to find out that is was my GI system causing the issue. The acid and bile from Gerd(acid reflux) had gotten so bad it was burning my lungs. So off to the GI they send me, this was my last hope. When he saw my records said to me you are over my head you need a surgeon, I knew that was it! I was at the end of the road! But there was one Dr that I just didn't put all my faith in and that was GOD!

When I found our my heart was at 50% I was down on my Knees finally surrendering! I prayed and prayed, researched and researched! I knew I had to do this myself naturally! A friend was taking skinny fiber a weight loss product and I saw posts all over her page about it. I was seeing story after to about how these people were losing weight (as well as my friend) but what caught my eye was that so many were having there GI issues and they were all going away. I took this into my cardiologist as most things for weight loss hurt the heart. He said it was safe and wondered how I thought I could lose weight as I am on steroids.(I had gained 90 lbs since I got sick). 

I told him I was going to heal myself he said (okay) not having any faith after all this was all natural fiber and enzymes. I did not care I had faith and nothing at all to lose. My PCP approved it also. He also informed me that my next step was a defibrillator.(I told him I didn't even want to know what that was). I just kept taking my Skinny Fiber and feeling better and better. Didn't tell anyone really not even my family. When I went back 6 weeks later, they did an EKG and he came in just astounded and said " I cant believe this is your heart" he said "your EKG is NORMAL . First time since he saw me in the last couple years. Then he looked at me and did a double take ......."You have lost weight" WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I said I told you I am taking that fiber stuff". How you and have no adrenal function. He said "Keep doing what you are doing and don't know stop"! I am now doing so well I am not only down from 25 prescriptions to 5. My next visit we are looking to lower my heart meds as well.
I am soooo very blessed and so very grateful GOD has given me second chance! And as a bonus I lost 36 lbs and 37.5 inches in 90 days!!!
To me skinny fiber was brought into my life and is my miracle!!!!
Funny but true 2 out of 3 Drs that I didn't fire are now taking it and the 3rd asked me to bring a bottle for him my next appointment!!"
A journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. She stuck with it and went her 90 day challenge.She used Skinny Fiber.

This is your life and you can change it. Great Job Angie!

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Recipes: Vanilla Whoopie Pies

Vanilla Whoopie Pies

These may not be the healthiest  treat but it is one that I can claim from home. Northern Maine is where the original  Chocolate Whoopie Pies originated. ( well at least I think so - there may be other people with similar recipes in other regions of the USA. LOL)

Whoopie Pies need a little changing up at times. Vanilla sounds good too.
Here is the recipe:

Time needed

5 min preparation + 20 min cooking

Serving Size / Yield

15 servings


  • 1 package of cake mix
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 C. brown sugar
  • 2 C. shortening
  • 1 C. buttermilk
  • ¼ C. milk
  • 2 tsp. vinegar
  • 1 tsp. Vanilla
  • Filling:
  • 4 T. flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 T. milk
  • 11/2 C. shortening
  • 2 tsp. Vanilla
Begin by combining the vinegar with the milk. Add that mixture to the cake mix and vanilla. Place the smooth mixture on a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 355 degrees F for about 15 minutes. Let them cool before filling. As you wait, you can begin making the filling. First, you should mix the flour, eggs, and milk together. Then combine the remaining ingredients. Spread the mixture on one cookie and top it with another.
kind of a cool recipe for summer - Ah  really  anytime.


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Weight Loss Results Great Job Sylvia!!!

Great Job Sylvia!
Her Weight Loss Story:

" When I first heard about Skinny Fiber, I asked LOTS of questions and watched other people for over 5 months before I broke down and ordered. It took me that long, because I had literally tried EVERYTHING with no success frown emoticon I really didn't think this was going to work either, but since it had a money back guarantee, I decided that I would order it, but this was it...this was going to be the last thing I ever bought!!!

Plus I was so tired of being sick and tired of myself! I was so overweight and I remember it was hard to walk anywhere, I would fall asleep just sitting on the couch because I had ZERO energy! I was embarrassed and ashamed of myself! I would cry daily because I hated how I looked and felt!! It was just so awful! So I finally gave in and ordered Skinny Fiber and I went ahead and paid the extra $10 to be a distributor (just in case it actually did work), and figured I wouldn't be out much if it didn't.
I am currently down 68 pounds and tons of inches (I stopped counting) smile emoticon I started out in a tight size 30 and am now wearing a comfortable size 22/21. I still eat what I want in moderation and have not deprived myself. I honestly just don't crave the junk like I used to.
My son (14 at the time) decided to take it with me and lost over 60 pounds and has kept it off! He is a totally different kid! From when he came out of Jr High to when he went into High School! His friends didn't even recognize him when he went into High School. He is now very active, riding his bike and playing sports! I am so proud of him!! I'm so grateful for the Teen Challenge and that Skinny Fiber is 100% Natural and safe for anyone to use!"
Amazing Amazing Amazing!
Great Job Sylvia!
Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today!
90 Day Challenge! Start Here 90 Day Challenge!
You'll Thank Me Later!

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Weight Loss Journey: My Story.

Hi Tina here,
I’d like to share my story.  Two years ago I decided to start with SBC and try to lose weight. I was at least 210#  and needed to feel better about myself and lose some weight.  My job was one where I could be either fast pace or slow crawling. I was gaining weight on a fast pace and ballooned from 145# to over 210#. To tell you the truth I was scared.

 Then just entering into my 40’s I knew how metabolism slows down and anything possible that I ate would make me gain. A friend introduced me to SBC and my weight loss journey began.  At the time SBC only had two products and it was the Skinny Fiber and Ageless Anti-Aging Serum. So the Skinny Fiber was my choice.

My weight loss journey began.  Soon the products arrived and I started taking them : two capsules, twice a day half hour before my biggest meals. This included at least half my body weight in water on a daily basis(200#= 100 oz of water) It seemed the more water I drank  the better I felt.  My cravings for sugar and the desire to consume everything in sight went away. 

Something amazing happened, after about a few weeks of regular use of Skinny Fiber my pants started to become looser around the legs and waist. I was shocked so I went to the scale..  210# to 205#. I was impressed.  My total loss in weight was 60# in about 7-8 months.  I weighed in at a 150# give or take.
My increase was for fruits and vegetables and more baked fish and chicken.  My calorie intake was decreased because of the proprietary ingredients in Skinny Fiber.
I’m glad to be back with SBC.


Skinny Body Care Consultant

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Recipe: Firecracker Jell-o Cups

Firecracker Jell-O Cups

Awesome and fun to make.

Time needed
45 min preparation + 45 min cooking
Serving Size / Yield
20 servings
§  1⅓ C. boiling water
§  package JELL-O berry blue flavored gelatin
§  1 package JELL-O cherry flavored gelatin
§  1 package unflavored gelatin
§  1 C. milk
§  3 T. brown sugar
§  ½ tsp. vanilla
§  20 cherries with stems
Add the berry gelatin in boiling water and stir in a small bowl for about 2 minutes. Repeat with cherry gelatinmix. Then, in a different bowl sprinkle the unflavored gelatin over milk and boil it for about 5 minutes. Remove it from the heat and stir in sugar and vanilla. In a plastic glass spoon the berry gelatin and refrigerate for about 20 minutes. It should be firm when you add the unflavored gelatin mixture on top. 

Original post from www.recipe4living.com

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Weight Loss Results!! Janice Looks Amazing!

WOW!!!Great Results!

Great work Janice! You Look amazing!

I went from a 3x to a size 4 in 7 months , 52 pounds and a ton inches GONE !!! ,I'm 56 years old and I never thought it would be so easy !!!
 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I thought that was it for me. I really couldn't do to much and now I'm doing so much more in my day to day living I still have Fibromyalgia , but I'm looking and feeling a whole lot better , Thanks to Skinny Fiber!

This is only one of the many success stories on the 90 day Skinny Fiber Challenge!
Start your journey here!
Weight loss supplement - Chemical Free and All Natural!

 Skinny Fiber All Natural Chemical Free Weight Loss Suppliment
Hi Tina here,
I started using Skinny Fiber in 2014 and lost 60 pounds in little over 6 months. The products amazing but at the time there were only 2 products, Skinny Fiber and Ageless Serum which are both available now I'm back and using Skinny Fiber again.   

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

MMM Recipe : Potato Soup

Potato Soup

Thought I'd share this as my first post here.
MMMMMMMM Potato Soup

A must have recipe

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Potato Soup
8 to 10 potatoes (use however many you want to)
2 onions - chopped
1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup butter
Cornstarch if needed
Bacon bits
Shredded cheddar cheese
Peel potatoes and cube into about 1 inch cubes or smaller if you like.
Chop onions and put in a large pot with 1/4 cup butter. Saute until onions are tender. Add 1/2 cup flour and stir well. Add potatoes and cover with milk. Simmer about 20 minutes until potatoes are fork tender. If needed you can put a heaping tablespoon of corn starch in a cup of cold milk, mix well and then add into soup and simmer.
I top mine with shredded cheese, bacon bits and I like chopped green onions on mine. Very tasty!